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50 Essential Chrome Extensions for Affiliate Marketers The content is provided by Travelpayouts, the largest affiliate marketing network focused on travel  There are dozens of useful extensions for the Google Chrome browser that help affiliate marketers work more efficiently. On this page, we’ve collected a list of 50 free Chrome extensions that will be useful to affiliates with different traffic sources. Some extensions have paid versions with advanced features, which will make the job even more effective. What are extensions for: If you use Google Chrome, you will surely find useful solutions in the below list. Chrome Extensions will help you in the following areas: Affiliate Marketing Website Analysis and SEO Keywords ASO and Mobile App Optimization Content: Text, Video, Images SMM Email Marketing Security and Ad Blocking Office and Documents Personal Productivity and Workspace We have collected a list of 50 useful tools. However, please supplement our selection by sharing your favorite plugins in the comments. Affiliate Marketing All of the extensions on this page will help you in your affiliate business, but there are some extensions that every affiliate marketer should have in their toolbox. 1. Affilitizer Affilitizer is a free extension that will notify you as soon as you visit a website from an advertiser. Thanks to Affilitizer, you can easily find new affiliate programs and start working with the desired ones in a single click. The database currently includes over 80,000 affiliate programs from more than 80 affiliate networks! 2. Check My Links If you share affiliate links on your website, you must have the Check My Links extension or its alternatives in your toolbox. Check My Links is an extension developed primarily for content editors to help find broken links, but it can also be used by affiliate marketers. The extension analyzes all the content on a given page and helps find any broken links. For example, if you previously posted an affiliate link to a product on Amazon, but that page no longer exists, you can easily find out with Check My Links. Broken links will be highlighted in red, while working links are highlighted in green. As a result, you can quickly find broken links and replace them to avoid losing customers. 3. Travelpayouts Some affiliate programs or networks develop their own solutions, so check to see if your affiliate program has a personal browser extension. For example, such an extension is available in the Travelpayouts affiliate network. With the help of this extension, you can quickly create affiliate links right from your browser. To set it up, you should: Enter your personal affiliate marker in the extension. Join affiliate programs, if you haven't already. Open the extension once you are on the advertiser's website. You will immediately receive a readymade affiliate deep link.  In addition, you can manually select the desired offer from the drop-down list and generate an affiliate link. With the Travelpayouts extension, you can also shorten your links by choosing from three shortening services in the settings. 4. SimilarWeb The SimilarWeb extension will show the position of your website in the search results, how many people visit each month, where they come from, and where they go. This information can be used to determine what works best for your competitors' websites, identify the most valuable affiliate networks, see where your competitors are advertising, hunt down their landing pages, see the ad networks they use, etc. In this way, SimilarWeb helps you find growth opportunities for yourself across all channels by exploring and examining other websites. Analysis and SEO 5. Alexa Traffic Rank Alexa Traffic Rank is one of the most important indicators of website authority, such as when you want to evaluate a website before buying a link. With the official Alexa Traffic Rank extension, you will be able to check a website’s rank in a single click.  6. Wappalyzer Wappalyzer is one of the most popular analytical extensions. It will show what CMS, framework, analytics system, widgets, and so on were used on a given website. The application will help you analyze your competitors and tell you how you can improve your website, as well as how your website might look with a particular CMS. The free version contains enough information for beneficial analysis. However, the advanced version provides many more features. 7. BuiltWith Technology Profiler BuiltWith Technology Profiler is an alternative to Wappalyzer that provides not only information about the technologies used on a given website, but also more detailed and diverse information, such as the Alexa Rank or the marketing platform connected to that website.  This extension requires registration and is free for up to five different websites. If you have more pages, you will need to switch to the paid version. 8. WooRank Another extension that shows the technologies used on a given website, as well as how well the website is designed in terms of SEO. WooRank assigns points from 1 to 100 according to the sum of these criteria. WooRank evaluates page structure, security, loading speed, domain expiration date, adaptability for mobile devices, etc. This is an extremely useful extension for affiliate marketers who research their competitors. However, you can also use it to score your own website to find any potential weak points. 9. RDS Bar RDS Bar is a useful tool for performing quick analysis of website and webpage SEO indicators. This extension was designed for optimizers, but you can adopt it for affiliate marketing to find all external links or any hidden blocks on a specific page. 10. Lighthouse Lighthouse is an open-source tool from Google that will show how the website is optimized based on the requirements of the search engine. This extension will score your website based on several parameters and explain in detail which portions can be improved and how. This extension is useful if you want to focus on promotion via Google. Keywords 11. Keywords Everywhere This extension analyzes a given website by keywords and shows the keyword density, keyword usage in meta tags, and the number of keyword mentions. Collected keywords can be downloaded in a convenient form (Excel, CSV, PF) and can be copied or even printed.  All basic functions are available for free. Paid access is only required for API connection. 12. PPC NegativeKeywords This extension helps you collect negative keywords in Google AdWords or Bing Ads accounts. This extension will help those of you who buy paid advertising on contextual networks. Mobile App Optimization To work with these extensions, you need a developer account in Google Play or the App Store. Anyone can get an account. Google charges a one-time fee of $25 for this, while the App Store charges an annual fee of $99. A developer account will also come in handy to work with and upload your own apps to stores. 13. Google Play Feature Graphic Viewer This extension allows you to view the main illustrations of any application on Google Play on your desktop (the same ones used in the Feature Graphic section).  Typically, these illustrations are only visible on Android devices, but this extension will allow them to be seen via the Chrome browser on any computer. 14. Google Play Short Description Viewer With this extension, you can view applications in Google Play on your desktop and description texts that are usually hidden. This will help you understand which keywords your competitors are using and how to improve your ASO strategy. 15. Play Store Reviews The Play Store Reviews extension exports app reviews on Google Play to a JSON file and downloads them in an archive. After that, you can use this information for analyzing competitors. This extension will prompt you to sign in to Play Services, a service that makes sure all versions of the apps on your Android device are up to date. Other data provided includes: number of stars, app version, review author, date, time, title, and review texts. Content: Text, Video, Images 16. LanguageTool This extension checks your text in emails, Google Docs, Facebook, and other sources. It supports 25 languages, so you can use it for more than English grammar checks.  The extension even finds speech or stylistic errors and often turns out to be smarter than the built-in Google Chrome tools. 17. Fonts Ninja The Fonts Ninja extension will detect the font on the page as well as offer to download it. If the font is a paid one, Fonts Ninja will offer a try out option in Photoshop or Sketch before you need to make a purchase. 18. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, & Slides An extension from Google for those of you who do not have Microsoft Office, but sometimes need to edit or create a document in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.  With this extension, you will open a document, sheets, or slides editor in one click. Moreover, you can simply drag and drop your document into the browser to open it online. 19. Color Tab If you are looking for a cool color scheme for your website created according to the rules of combining colors in an aesthetically pleasing way, then install the Color Tab extension. Every time you open a new browser tab, you will see a luxurious random color scheme. Color Tab, made by the creators of the extension, helps to purposefully find a scheme in the desired shade or theme for your website (such as: sunset, spring, retro). There are also ratings from users, so you can get insights into which color combinations people like the best. 20. Copy All URLs Copy All URLs copies links of all open tabs in the browser and saves them to the clipboard (in HTML, JSON, or any other format that can be selected in the extension's settings). 21. The extension is useful for those of you who want to download videos from YouTube or other platforms. After installing the extension, you will see the download button on YouTube, which will allow you to download videos.  22. Downloader for Instagram Downloader for Instagram is a tool for bulk downloading photos from Instagram. By clicking on the extension icon in the browser, the tool will collect all the photos from a given page into a tiled preview and offer you to choose what to download. If you click the extension icon inside Instagram, you can immediately select the photos to download. SMM 23. Popsters This is one of the best extensions for analyzing page statistics on the most popular social networks. Popsters will show the daily engagement rates or ER dynamic if an earlier analysis of this account was already carried out in Popsters. This is a paid service; however, after registration, you will get a free trial that may be enough to complete your work. 24. SMMBox SMMBox finds the best posts on a topic of your choice. For example, if you have a travel website, with SMMBox, you can find relevant travel posts just in a few clicks. Right from the extension interface, you can copy any information from social networks or work with posts to edit, schedule, or immediately publish a post. SMMBox also works on Instagram and saves you time if you need to post a lot of content on different social networks and often look for potential post ideas. This is a paid tool; however, a free period of 14 days is also available. 25. VidIQ The powerful VidIQ extension will show detailed statistics of YouTube channels and help you choose appropriate tags. The number of subscribers and views (per day and per month), viewing time, engagement, several SEO indicators, a selection of tags, and recommendations are available right in the browser in the form of a checklist. You can track the statistics of your own channel and get a lot of information about your competitors’ videos. You can even track the number of commentators, subscribers, and the ratio of likes to dislikes. But that's not all that VidIQ can do. This extension can store comment templates to allow you to quickly respond to users and much more. This extension must be included in the toolkit of every affiliate marketer who does business on YouTube. 26. Tag Assistant Tag Assistant is an extension that helps you troubleshoot Google tagging issues with Google Tag Manager. For example, while setting up Facebook Pixels. The extension is more convenient than the debug mode available in the Google Tag Manager (GTM). If you are setting tags through the GTM, then try the Tag Assistant. 27. Save to Facebook Save to Facebook is the perfect solution if you want to return to some Facebook posts later. This tool allows you to put aside any content that you like and easily find it later. For better navigation, this extension has a filtering feature that allows you to organize saved posts by topic. Email Marketing 28. Save Email Template by SendPulse If you like someone's marketing letter, use this extension to save it (as a .png, .pdf file, or code) or upload it directly to your SendPulse account if you use this email platform.  You do not need to be a SendPulse customer to use this extension, it’s available for free for everyone. 29. Revue Revue will help you quickly assemble a beautiful newsletter and send it without contacting specialists or even obtaining your own domain. Using this extension, you can quickly assemble a newsletter by taking the following steps: On the desired page of your website, click the extension icon in the browser. A neat preview of this page appears in the letter layout on Revue. Go to the Revue website, fill in the subject line, and add recipients (manually, by file, or from Mailchimp). That's it. The letter can be sent from there. If you wish, you can add your own pictures and text. The email will be automatically adapted for mobile devices. The best part is that a web version of the letter will be available with the built-in ability to subscribe to your newsletter. A link to a web version, such as a landing page, can, for example, be posted on social networks to invite people to subscribe, thus growing your subscriber base. 30. Unlimited Email Tracker This extension will help you track your emails and transitions to links. This extension counts views and clicks, and also sends a push notification when someone opens your email. In the email client, this extension marks letters with color tags. 31. Save Emails to Google Drive This is a tiny, but extremely useful extension that will help you save bulk emails to the Google Drive. 32. Gorgias Templates An extension with templates for those of you who have a lot of different emails daily, including in different languages. Saves time and prevents you from being sealed. Gorgias Templates works like magic: you type one letter and press Tab, and then a whole sentence from the template appears in your email. You will have to customize the templates to fit your needs in advance, however there are also dozens of readymade templates. Gorgias Templates will help, for example, if you directly contact buyers. It supports the most popular email services, such as Gmail,, Facebook, LinkedIn, Fastmail, and Yahoo Mail. Security and Ad Blocking Extensions 33/34. uBlock Origin and AdGuard AdBlocker Both of these extensions block ads on websites. You can use them when advertising becomes unbearable. Websites without any ads are like a whiff of fresh air after a day of working with ads. Install uBlock Origin Install AdGuard AdBlocker → 35/36. Browsec VPN and Touch VPN These two VPN extensions encrypt your visits, protect against unauthorized access to public Wi-Fi hotspots, and unblock websites. Spotify, SoundCloud, and other country-limited services will be available to you. Install Browsec VPN Install Touch VPN Remote Office Extensions If you have a team, the following extensions will come in handy for you to maintain effective teamwork. 37. Loom The Loom extension gives you the option to record your screen with sound, take video selfies from your camera, or any combination of these options. The video is then saved to the service's server, where you can trim it, add emoji or comments, and download or simply share a link to it. Loom is convenient if you have to make tutorials to explain to your audience or team how to use this or that service. 38. Save to Pocket This extension allows you to save all useful links, articles, videos, and other materials for viewing later. This will be possible even without an internet connection. If one of your friends or colleagues uses Pocket, you can share materials inside it. This extension is useful if you need to organize a shared space for your team. Pocket cleans up the materials that you save inside it from ads and unnecessary blocks, leaving only text and illustrations. From within Pocket, you can even choose to go to the original source of an article and read it there. The font size and background can be adjusted for ease of reading. There is also a marker for highlighting and saving important thoughts. If you immediately add tags to the materials when saving, you will get a convenient rubricator, although the service will add them automatically if you do not. 39. Evernote Evernote is one of the most popular notes services in the world. It was created to store everything from the Internet. Unlike Pocket, which is tailored for comfortable reading, Evernote is more versatile. With the Evernote extension, you will be able to save everything that seems interesting, useful, or necessary to come back to, watch later, or share with someone. You can select fragments of text or pictures, create a link, and send your note to other people. If you save a screenshot, you can edit it, draw arrows on it, etc. Evernote is useful not only for personal use by affiliate marketers, but also for organizing teamwork. In the paid version, all notes are available offline. 40. Google Keep Google also offers a tool for note taking, organizing, task management, and archiving. This extension beats all the alternatives because of the option to synch with a mobile application. You should choose this solution if you work within the Google ecosystem. Productivity and Workspace 41. Marinara: Pomodoro Assistant If you are not using the Pomodoro Technique yet, give it a try! This is a way to focus on a task and keep track of your work in 25-minute chunks or “Pomodoro”. The timer can be set for different periods of work and rest. History is saved. 42. Dualles This extension divides the screen into two working windows for all currently open windows in the browser. This feature may be available on your device without an extension to offer a dual mode for your screen. 43. OneTab Now, all your 100 open tabs will consolidate into one, where they will be compactly placed in a list. This is how the OneTab extension works once you click on the extension's icon in the browser bar. This extension helps you focus on the main tab. 44. Lightshot (Screenshot Tool) This extension helps you take screenshots and save them as links. It is quite useful if you take frequent screenshots that clog up your computer. Your screenshots can be edited or cropped, you can add arrows or text, and so on. The selected area can be searched in Google, printed or saved to the service server, and received as a link to the screenshot. You can use Lightshot outside of Google Chrome if you install the application. 45. LastPass Are you constantly forgetting passwords and tired of recovering them? If you do not trust saving your passwords in the browser, now you only need to remember one: the master password in LastPass. All the rest will be securely saved and synced across all your devices. 46. I don’t care about cookies This extension hides cookie requests from websites. It is convenient if you have to surf the Internet a lot and are constantly distracted by pop-up windows with cookie notifications. 47. Color Enhancer This extension applies a special filter to the colors of websites. The resulting shades can be seen by people with color blindness. The below illustration shows how the screen looks in normal color mode compared to how it looks with the applied color enhancement filter. 48. Go f**king work Procrastinating on Facebook and YouTube instead of working? Install this extension, add websites that may be distracting, as well as times when you rest, and enjoy the increased productivity. How to Manage all These Extensions? Now that you have so many extensions installed, you need one more extension to manage them all! 49. Extensity With the help of Extensity, you can quickly turn extensions ON or OFF, so they do not interfere with one another and waste memory. 50. Chrome Extension Manager Chrome Extension Manager is a good alternative to the Extensity extension. It will help you quickly manage extensions for the Google Chrome browser by selecting enable or disable. This manager differs from Extensity in design and provides some additional functions. For example, you can configure a more compact view of the drop-down window. Above, we shared extensions that may be handy for affiliate marketers. However, more and more browser extensions are published every day. Please share your own experience. Which Google Chrome extensions do you use for affiliate marketing? 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Everything You Need to Know About ProPush Subscription Links Push subscriptions are among the best ad formats you can use for monetization. At ProPush, we know that not all of our publishers have the technical resources to implement tags or create custom landing pages for every offer, so we’ve developed a new feature that simplifies the entire process. Below, we’ll go over our most recent development called ProPush Subscription Links, explain how they work, and discuss the benefits that publishers enjoy when using this innovative feature. How Did We Come Up with the Idea of Subscription Links? We’ve worked with countless publishers, and we’ve realized that a lot of our clients do not have the technical abilities or their own servers to start working with us. Our team received a lot of suggestions directly from our clients, many of which asked for a simplified monetization process that didn’t include tags or landing page development. Our goal is to give our members the highest chances of success and to simplify their start with us, so we created Subscription Links to cut out as many steps as possible. But Wait, What Are Subscription Links Anyway? In simple terms, Subscription Links are URLs that lead to premade landing pages, which contain a push subscription prompt.  Instead of creating their own landing pages and setting up push subscription smart tags in the backend, publishers & affiliates can simply drive traffic to Subscription Links and start generating revenue. Benefits of ProPush Subscription Links There are many benefits that come with using Subscription Links, including: Simplified set up process No need to access settings or create landing pages High subscription rates Works for a huge collection of GEOs Easier conversion flow Subscription Links: How Do They Work? The concept behind ProPush Subscription Links is extremely simple. All publishers have to do is drive converting traffic to the subscription link, and that's all. Publishers get paid depending on the specific link rates, which can either be paid out based on the number of subscriptions generated: CPS — cost per subscriber. Revenue Share — cost per 1000 impressions of push notifications that your subscribers get. Our observations suggest that the rates in our Subscription Links are much higher than average, but if you’re not sure, you can always run a split test and check for yourself. Who Can Benefit from Subscription Links? While it may seem like this feature is suitable for new publishers, it’s actually a great option for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers and publishers.  Beginner affiliates that don’t have experience with push campaigns can benefit from this setup because they only have to focus on driving quality traffic. The conversion flow is easy because each subscription is a conversion itself. Plus, our platform has a friendly interface, so newbies will have a short learning curve. All these affiliates need to do is drive traffic to the link and withdraw whatever amount of money they generate. Experienced marketers that already use similar solutions can switch to ProPush and enjoy much higher rates than the average provider. Plus, our platform also offers fast payouts, convenient withdrawal options, a simple interface, a custom API, and the ability to view stats in any time zone.  Besides that, ProPush hosts its landing pages on extremely fast servers, so all the pages will load in a blink of an eye. That’s how our CR is way higher compared to what our competitors have. GEOs Compatible with Subscription Links Subscription Links are available for 200+ countries and regions around the world. The TOP GEOs compatible with Subscription Links include: 🇦🇷 Argentina | 🇧🇷 Brazil | 🇮🇩 Indonesia | 🇹🇭 Thailand | 🇺🇦 Ukraine 🇰🇪 Kenya | 🇳🇬 Nigeria | 🇵🇭 Philippines | 🇮🇳 India | 🇧🇾 Belarus All available GEOs and actual CPS rates for each platform can be found in your dashboard on the Rates tab. Scaling Your Platforms for Success Remember, Subscription Links can produce great results, but they are not necessarily a long-term strategy. You can start with Subscription Links, assess push subscription vertical and your revenue and move on with creating your own custom landing pages. If you create your own landing pages, they will be more flexible. Want to Share Your Experience? We’re Always Listening! Share your experience with us and tell you what types of results you’re getting. Feel free to leave a comment on our Telegram chat or contact our team, and we’ll be glad to hear your feedback. Try Subscription Links! Share the article function unblock(self) { document.getElementById('sl-url').value = self.getAttribute('href'); document.getElementById('sociallocker').submit(); return false; }
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Case Study: 130% ROI on Gambling from Popunder Traffic type: SocialBar by  Offer: Mainstream Antivirus Time period: October 05–12, 2020 GEO: ID Spent: $1061.8 Income: $2444.4 Profit: $1382.5 ROI: 130% Hey everyone! Once again we're going to revisit a new popular format from Adsterra — Social Bar. In today's case, I'll show you how to achieve high ROI with low investment in just a week! I think that you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome and will definitely want to try the format. Let's roll! GEO, offer, and traffic type selection First of all, let's start with the offer selection. The offer was taken from Affbank for Indonesia (ID). Our offer is an SOI antivirus subscription with the CPI model, which means $0.3 per installation. Flow: Click to SMS KPI: no KPI Restrictions: no incentive Allowed carriers: Telkomsel, Indosat, XL Screenshot of the final landing page:  The Strategy So, having pre-tested this offer with two separate campaigns we discovered that:  There is a large amount of available and inexpensive traffic. There is also an option to target all OS and two languages. Traffic on three carriers is more than enough. The CPC payment model proved to work wonders. The offer is for mobile, so I decided to cut off the operating systems that can easily eat our traffic. I'll get back to that in the "Post optimization" chapter. There is quite a lot of cheap traffic in Indonesia, so I decided to go with $0.001$ per click. Such GEO as IN and ID is great for minimum payout, but if you raise it two or three times — that would be great. The language is Indonesian because most Indonesians speak it. There are also a lot of people who speak English, so we include them in the targeting too. Creatives Let's start with the preland. I already covered prelands on utilities in previous cases, you can get some helpful information there.  "Fear-inducing" prelands that claim or assume the presence of a virus prove to be the best on such offers. These prelands encourage the user to get rid of the threat as quickly as possible and he begins to frantically look for the install button. Combine this with an alert and a blinking recommendation message to make your preland even more impressive and effective. My preland looked like this:  Such preland tells our user that installing antivirus will increase the speed of his phone, his battery will last longer, and all that kind of stuff. It's important not to intimidate the user too much, because it won't lead to anything good. Don't forget that when you buy a domain, you have to choose a domain name that will represent the essence of the offer. No numerical values in the URL, please, or it will negatively affect the convertibility. Let's proceed with the construction of our notification. Initially, I took images that can be associated with the preland, otherwise, confusion may arise and the user will close the page without seeing the desired utility. Here are the examples of my creatives: When creating a banner, remember not to make it too native! It should look like a system alert, that's the whole point of the format. IMPORTANT: follow the rules of the platform and don't use the logo of Google, Android, or anything of that kind. It can lead to your campaign being declined, and you'll have to look for new creatives. Some examples of good combinations: TITLE: Lindungi ponsel Anda Protect your phone DESCRIPTION:  100% perlindungan virus 100% virus protection DESCRIPTION: Risiko tinggi infeksi sistem High risk of system virus infection BUTTON:  Periksa telepon mu Check your phone Don't forget that the ban on misleading aggressive creatives also applies to the text of your SocialBar. Optimization Stage 1 (Custom bids on placements) An incredibly handy tool that helps you arrange bids in more detail and make some sort of a whitelist. It's a great option for those who like to carefully compose their whitelists with maximum efficiency. But the most important thing is preliminary tests and constant monitoring of new converting placements. Stage 2 (Changing creatives) Be sure not to overlook creatives rotation. You can always update the banners with new ones, and disable the old ones that are not converting. A variety of banners and templates will allow you to create a creative that converts well. I advise you to upload several dozen banners at once so that later some of them can be removed. Post optimization As a result, we have a target on all OS except Blackberry, IOS, and WP (most of the traffic is on Android), CPC pricing, mainstream+adult traffic, mobile devices, ID GEO, Indonesian+English languages, with operators specified in the offer. Screenshot of the final settings:  Results Screenshots from Adsterra: Total spent at Adsterra for all days: $1061.86. Screenshot from the affiliate program:  Income: 2444.4 $ Profit: 2444.4$ - 1061.86$ = 1382.5 $ ROI: 130% Conclusion In this case study, I described my way of rolling out a campaign on the Social Bar format. As you can see, it is quite good at making a profit. I like the new format because of its variability, the option to use different templates and creatives, and the ability to do things differently.  Share the article function unblock(self) { document.getElementById('sl-url').value = self.getAttribute('href'); document.getElementById('sociallocker').submit(); return false; }
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MultiTag: New Smart Solution for Publishers Are you dreaming of a smart solution that helps simplify the way you can monetize your website? Well, dreams can come true!  Meet MultiTag by Propellers!  Let’s take a look at the benefits and possibilities of this tool.  #MultiTag The guys at PropellerAds are result oriented and never stop improving their platform. And to make publishers work more profitable they’ve created MultiTag. The PropellerAds MultiTag is a piece of code that publishers can place on their site. This feature helps publishers access the best ad formats in a simple and straightforward way. You no longer have to purchase an individual tag for each ad format that has been posted on your website. Just add this all-in-one code and enjoy automatic platform optimization. Currently, MultiTag is compatible with the following types of advertising: Traditional pop ads (Onclick) In-page push (IPP) notifications Overlay ads By the way, these formats work great together. Therefore, it is worth testing different schemes and making even more profit. More possibilities with MultiTag Let’s take a look what publishers can get using MultiTag: Increasing revenue by up to 50% Increasing impressions by 60% 50% higher CPM rate Not bad, huh? And now we propose to move on to real statistics and cases in which MultiTag was used.  MultiTag vs Traditional tags Publishers installed Propellers smart code and compared the results to traditional tags. Let’s take a look at the details of this experiment: Period of using: November 20th – December 10th GEO: Worldwide Platform: Mobile + Desktop CPM improvement: +50% The MultiTag code was installed on streaming sites from November 20th to December 10th. It compared the results with onClick, in-page pushes and interstitial tags. Stats MultiTag On-Click Only IPP Only Interstitial Only Impressions 80,419 27, 208 22,496 36,715 CPM $0.48 $0.52 $0.24 $0.31 Earnings $38.60 $14.1 $5.6 $11.3 What conclusions can be drawn?  MultiTag has shown amazing results! Despite the small number of impressions (less than all the other three combined) MultiTag received a higher CPM and higher profit. And this amount exceeded the amount generated by all of the other formats put together. Next, we will look at the cases that were received by two affiliates. The guys worked with the PropellerAds advertising network. Real Case #1 Interstitial vs. MultiTag Here are the results from the first publisher.  Interstitials Results Period: 10/11/20 – 19/11/20 Earnings: $10 CPM: $0.07 MultiTag Results Period: 21/11/20 – 29/11/20 Earnings: $20 to $30 CPM: $0.10 – $0.15 Real Case #2 Interstitial vs. MultiTag Look at the statistics from the second case.  Interstitials Results Period: 12/11/20 – 19/11/20 Earnings: $10 CPM: $0.25 – $1.05 MultiTag Results Period: 22/11/20 – 29/11/20 Earnings: $20 CPM: $0.82 – $1.56 Conclusion: MultiTag can help increase impressions, CPM and total revenue. This led to increased efficiency from the traditional interstitial tag and the results of MultiTag.  How can you work with MultiTag?  You need to generate a code in your PropellerAds account. You can generate a tag for all three formats with one click. After creating the tag in your PropellerAds account, you just need to paste it into the source code of your site.  Follow the steps: 2. Choose a tag name (edit the default name for easy management) 3. Copy the code and paste it to your site’s source code: 4. Get started with all three formats on your site! It is worth noting that each zone’s code will have its own ID. But they will have the same distinctive feature - the “multi” prefix on the label. Therefore, it will be easy to recognize them. To sum up  Propellers’s MultiTag can be used to simplify the monetization process and optimize your website.  Its main advantages:  Brings more impressions  Increases CPM rates  Leads to higher profit   Provides easier integration So, if you want to make the most money from your website, we recommend you to use Propellers’s MultiTag! You can find more information HERE >> Share the article function unblock(self) { document.getElementById('sl-url').value = self.getAttribute('href'); document.getElementById('sociallocker').submit(); return false; }