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158% ROI Gambling Case Study: Running Profitable Campaign with RichAds Today gambling is one of the most popular industries in the affiliate marketing sphere. Its cost is estimated at billions of dollars, and this sum is continuously increasing. COVID-19 pandemic measures made countries close offline casinos and change laws in favor of online platforms for gambling.  Isn’t it the right time to join an evergreen vertical if you are still hesitating? Our advertiser – affiliate marketer Varun Keskar – prepared a great case study in the gambling vertical with ready-made examples of creatives and landing pages. Varun is the author of his own Ultimate Guide to Gambling Offers on Push. You can download it here, via this link 📚 And in the end of this post you'll get a link to a webinar from RichAds on how to reach a MUCH HIGHER ROI on push traffic 🔥👇🏼 Stats for January Spent: $5507.20 Revenue: $14220.00 Profit: $8712.80 ROI: 158.21% This case study was prepared with multiple campaigns (push traffic and email marketing). Of course, it was much easier to achieve such a high ROI by combining these two traffic sources. But from the start, Varun used just one traffic source and also had great results. Pay attention that different traffic types require different targeting settings for both campaigns. Stats for January (part 1) Varun has also started working with the KeyAffiliates affiliate network on CPA/RevShare hybrid. RevShare showed nice performance, but this strategy is more long-term, so the results must be even better by the end of the year. Only 10% of the traffic volume is sent to the email list, so the stats look great.  Stats for January (part 2) Sign-ups: 147 First-time deposits: 15 Revenue Share: 25% (€72.41) CPA: 7 (Met the baseline of €25) Settings The most important point here is to remember that push notifications are not about many targeting options, and your offer should be attractive for a broad audience. Below you can find settings that will help to increase your profit: Time targeting. Usually, we recommend running campaigns during the day's active hours (usually 8 AM to 10 PM). During the pandemic, people spend most of their time at home, so this period may be flexible. Connection. We advise you to launch separate campaigns for mobile operators and WiFi. Run at least two separate campaigns (3G and WiFi). It’s important as 3G may have a really slow connection, and you won’t get any conversions. With campaigns splitting, you will be able to pause the 3G campaign and run just mobile. Browser language. For example, if your casino language is English, we recommend targeting people whose browser language is English as well. Casinos usually have landing pages in different languages, so it’s reasonable to ask your AM for the offer page in the language you need. Creatives and landing pages  Geo: Canada Payout: CPA $180 per FTD (MD $15) Strategy: Push + Email As you can see, Varun doesn’t use main images in his creatives as with just icons options, split tests are made quicker. Approaches used are quite standard (“check your new balance”, free spins, and new messages icons). Pay attention that Varun didn’t use the word “FREE” anywhere as it spoils the creatives’ reputation and decreases their quality. What concerns landing pages, email opt-in types were used. There were some more variants, but these showed the best results. Of course, it will be easier to decide which type you should run if you already have some experience.  A direct single opt-in Spin + survey + email opt-in After users opted in to the list, they were sent emails. Varun used Sendy for email marketing, and it changed the game and significantly increased profit. To see the examples of emails, register for our “Gambling Ad Campaigns for PROs: Make A LOT MORE ROI on push traffic” webinar.  Summary Push ads are an excellent way to run your profitable and long-lasting campaigns with cheap rates and high-quality traffic. You may not be experienced and may not have huge budgets, but as soon as you know the basics, it will be easier to determine working tactics. Don’t get upset or stop your campaigns when you are in the red. Just wait and continue trying to get results as they won’t be immediate. The same strategy will likely work with other verticals, too. To know even more pro tips and wider explanation of this case study, download our webinar “Gambling Ad Campaigns for PROs: Make A LOT MORE ROI on push traffic” 🎰 Share the article function unblock(self) { document.getElementById('sl-url').value = self.getAttribute('href'); document.getElementById('sociallocker').submit(); return false; }
Case Studies
How much can you earn from sporting events? Sports activities are a great source of income in affiliate marketing. It is a fact. We reached out to the PropellersAds ad network and asked them for statistics to understand how the iGaming audience thrived and to look at the top performing matches of 2020. PropellerAds also talked about verticals that might perform better during these prime-time events. It all starts with football So, Champions League was the leader in earning money in the football niche in 2020. Bayern gracefully maintained their winning streak by beating PSG in the Champions League finals on 28 August 2020. This year, they are going to meet twice for a rematch: first, Bayern hosts PSG on 7 April, and then PSG will welcome their rivals at their home stadium on Tuesday, 13 April. Last time, OnClick, Push and Interstitial were the most preferred ad formats. VPNs and apps have taken the lead in verticals, followed by iGaming, dating and e-commerce. And of course, the most popular GEOs appeared during this period: GEO Top vertical Increase BR VPN 59% CA iGaming 34% US Applications 31% DE Dating 30% FR Dating 27% Another niche where you can make good money Who thought the Ultimate Fighting Championships couldn't be as popular as football games? Sorry, but you were wrong. For example, take the Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Gaethje UFC MMA fight of the year (24th of October). This event more than doubled the number of participants in the UEFA Championship. "We saw a 44% increase in US traffic, 34% in Spain, and 33% in Great Britain," said PropellersAds. "Even Canada holds close at 27%, followed by France at 20%," added the ad network. By the way, Interstitials grew by 28%, then OnClick with 24% growth, and push notifications grew by only 6%. Utilities continued stealing the show, with an even higher increase – VPNs got 53%, Web-Utilities 52%, and Apps 31%. Even Media had a 27% hike, while Finance only got 15%. In terms of utilities and apps, VPNs got 53%, web utilities 52%, and apps 31%. Even the media had a 27% increase, while Finance had only 15%. Now look at the geo data! Not bad, huh? GEO Top vertical Increase GB VPN 77% US VPN 76% ES Media 70% FR Sweepstakes 31% CA iGaming 30% Top of the 2020 Sporting Events – BOX Not only big and grandiose events can bring you crazy income. Let's take a look at Mike Tyson's match against Roy Jones Jr. GEO Top vertical Increase CA VPN 85% US VPN 84% BR eCommerce 69% GB VPN 65% IN VPN 47% Most likely the events were covered via a VPN, which almost doubled the performance compared to the week before the match. “In fact, their overall performance was pretty impressive, with a 71% increase. This is followed by Web-Utilities at 25%, followed by Media at 21%. E-commerce grew by only 10%, while iGaming grew by 3%, ”says PropellerAds. But this is where Push notifications have done well. They increased by 20% mainly due to In-Page Push, which accounted for 64%. Interstitials and OnClick also performed well, with growth of 16% and 15% respectively. "GEO wise, the US took the lead with a 53% increase, followed by India with 25%, and Canada with 23%. Great Britain and Brazil had a smaller rise of 17%, and 12% respectively," says PropellerAds ad network. So, let's see the results? Sports events have really blown up affiliate marketing! Such events attract huge attention from the audience and you can make an unreal profit on such events! "OnClick for the iGaming vertical: + 22% in top GEOs - BR, IN, VN, MX, JP, RU; Revitalizing the iGaming Vertical: + 10% in ID, MY, UA, VN, PL," says PropellerAds. By the way, PropellerAds checked and found some very interesting events that are worth preparing for: UFC Boxing Football July 10, 2021 May-June 2021 May 29 June 11 - July 11,  2021 Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury UEFA Champions League Finals; Euro-2020 Not sure which strategy to choose? Not all sports bring the maximum amount of profit. And not all vertical matches and so on will satisfy your intentions. “Before you start, be sure to read the Advertiser Guide to iGaming Offers,” advises PropellerAds. So, what advice did the advertising company give to our readers: Above all else, make sure you choose proven creatives; Also, try to tailor your bids to match those of your competitors; If you're a beginner, it might be a little more difficult for you to launch iGaming campaigns during these events. However, you can get close to those verticals that scored high during matches; If you're looking for generic creatives, make sure you're targeting the ones that have a higher CTR; Always stay on top of the matches and scale up to them to stay up to date. PropellerAds suggested checking out the following Zeydoo Sport Vertical offerings if you're running a sports campaign: PA Offer ID GEO Conversion Device Payout AE — Sports video 1602 🇦🇪 AE Pin submit Mobile $2.4 Sport content 1413 🇩🇪 DE CC submit Web + Mobile $21.35 Videostripe_Sportphone — Bright 677 🌐 Multi CC submit Web + Mobile $17.15 StreamSport 781 🌐 Multi CC submit Web + Mobile $17.15 Sport League stream 926 🌐 Multi CC submit Web + Mobile $17.15 Betway Sports 1117 🇳🇬 NG CPL Web + Mobile $0.40 By the way, PropellerAds shared some common keywords that you could use for your ad copy: "Football", "Football Today", "Football Live", "Football Dream League", "Major Football League", "Shaolin Football"; “Boxing match”, “boxing match today”, “how to watch boxing matches online”, “who won the boxing match tonight”, “boxing match today”; "Ufc", "ufc news", "ufc 249", "ufc 254", "ufc schedule", "what is ufc", "ufc today". Just in case you decide to stay ahead of your competition, get a glimpse into the future with the Affiliate Trends 2021 PDF that PropellerAds has recently published. You will also find all the information you need about digitalization, energy conservation after the pandemic, vertical growth projections and new trends. To sum up We strongly recommend you pay attention to sports events and use them as a news feed. OnClick, Push and Interstitial ad formats are suitable as a traffic source for such events. And if you wanna get a really crazy traffic flow, contact PropellerAds. They will be happy to help you with this! Find more in PropellerAds' blog! Share the article function unblock(self) { document.getElementById('sl-url').value = self.getAttribute('href'); document.getElementById('sociallocker').submit(); return false; }